воскресенье, 26 апреля 2009 г.

Grand Duke Georgiy visited Russia

Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhaylovich
The Heir of the Russian Imperial Throne Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhaylovich visited Russia these days. Grand Duke came to Moscow from Brussels and then came to Norilsk, where he went down in a mine where ore is produced from which then nickel is smelted.
The main aim of H.I.H. visit was discussing of prospects to export Russian nickel to the countries of the European Union. [More...]

воскресенье, 12 апреля 2009 г.

Rebellion in Moldavia

The opposition to the communists' regime in Moldavia didn't agree with the official results of the general elections held n this country (a former part of the Russian Empire) on 5 April 2009. The opposition rally on 7 April 2009 overgrew to the seizure of the buildings of the residence of the President and the Parliament in Kishinev, a capital of Moldavia.

"Communists, go away!"
The Russian monarchists are sure that it is the next evidence that the countries organised on the territory of the Russia Empire can't solve the problems of its population themselves and that their sovereignity is a fiction. In relation to the position of official Communists' Govenment of Moldavia, the Russian Monarchists think that the communists are true organisers of the massacres and marauding. Their aim was to discredit the opposition and to accuse Romania of the results of their own mistakes in economy and politics.

The Economic Report

A Director of the Ideology Department of the Russian Imperial Union-Order made a report at the conference "Trends and future of the financial market in Russia" which was organised by the Moscow State Intitute of Foreign Relations (The University) of the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Russia. The report was dedicated to the necessity of the restoration of the gold standart in monetary relations as a condition of overcoming of the causes of the global economic crisis.
You may look through the full wording of the report in Russian. The Translation into English is preparing.