воскресенье, 31 января 2010 г.

In Honour of the Heir

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On occasion of the official visit to Moscow of His IMPERIAL Highness Grand Duke GEORGIY MIKHAYLOVICH a big reception was done on 31 January 2010 in the Pilgrims’ Centre of the Moscow Patriarchy.
In the beginning of the reception Grand Duke on behalf of His Mother a Head of the Russian IMPERIAL House Grand Duchess MARIA VLADIMIROVNA presented several loyal to the House people with IMPERIAL orders.
Then during the party guests had possibility to talk with Grand Duke.
There were a chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation Sir Vladimir Churoff, representatives of the Russian Parliament, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, foreign diplomats and representatives of the Orthodox Church among the guests of the reception as well as the delegation of the Russian Imperial Union-Order.

Chancellery of the Commander of the RIU-O

суббота, 30 января 2010 г.

Grand Duke is in Russia

Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhaylovich visits Russia with official visit. He has come to Moscow today, on 30 January 2010, and will be in the city for several days participating in celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of enthronisation of Patriarch Kirill.

To continue a criminal investigation

Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna claims from the Office of the Prosecutor General to continue a criminal investigation of a murder of Tsar Nicholas II Martyr and His Family [to read more in English]

To return to Russia

A head of te Office of Her Imperial House Mr Zakatoff gave an interview to INTERFAX about the questions how Grand Duchess can return to Russia [to read more in English]

пятница, 29 января 2010 г.

The XVIII Annual Christmas Lectures

From 24 to 29 January 2010 the XVIII Annual Christmas Lectures were held in Moscow by the Russian Orthodox Church. There were a lot of questions which were discussed at the forum. From this year the fundamental knowledge in religious culture and ethics will be learnt in state schools in Russia. The question to spread basic religious education in society was the main topic. Another important topic was struggle against juvenal justice. From this year Orthodox chaplains firstly from Tsars’ time will begin their official service in the Russian Army. Several theses were dedicated to the problem to prepare chaplains.
Representatives of the Russian Imperial Union-Order participated in the work of section dedicated to the problems of collaboration of Orthodox organisations in Russia. The RIU-O supported the idea to unite efforts to prepare celebrations of the 200 years anniversary of the Victory in the I Patriotic War in 2012 and the 400 years anniversary of the accession of the Romanoff Dynasty to the Throne in 2013. Also the RIU-O supported the idea to continue work to restore historic names of Russian regions, cities, towns, streets etc.
Also the representatives of the Russian Imperial Union-Order participated in the work of section dedicated to the problems of the Orthodox views on economics. The questions of ethics in marketing, protection of customers’ rights, charity were discussed. The RIU-O supported the main ideas of the forum but proposed to decrease the degree of populism in some projects and not try to bondage businessmen: the society shall remember which functions to be held by the business community and which are the care of all citizens.
Chancellery of the Commander of the RIU-O