пятница, 13 февраля 2009 г.

Topic news of Russian Monarchists

These two weeks were poor for specific monarchical news, but were full of political news important for Russia where monarchists participated.
4 February was a day of rebellion. In Riga (Latvia, former part of Russia) farmers blockaded central streets of the city and compelled a minister of agriculture to retire. At the same day workers at a machine building plant in Kherson (the Ukraine, a former part of Russia) drove away the administration and its security and seized the territory of the plant. The workers demand to nationalise the plant without any compensation to a proprietor. The salary to the workers wasn't paid for several months.
A director of the Chancellery of H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria of Russia Sir Alexander Zakatov gave interview to portal Credo, a leading Russian portal of clericals. He underlined that it is inadmissible to mix up a monarchy with dictatorship. Sir Alexander Zakatov criticized the fashion for trying to excuse crimes of Stalin and to name him "a red czar".
Leaders of the RIU-O met with representatives of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and big Russian business. It was discussed a role of monarchical movement politically to protect national industry in the period of global crisis and after it.

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