воскресенье, 31 мая 2009 г.

Monarchical Program to Overcome the Crisis

On 22 May 2009 Commander of the Russian Imperial Union-Order Sir George Fedoroff approved a new economic Russian monarchists' program "Package of steps to overcome the crisis: from chaos to monarchy." It was made public at the conference "Anti-Crisis Program: Conservative View" which was held in Moscow on 24 May 2009.
The program includes three main charters. The first consists of the analysis of the current situation in the Russian economy. The RIU-O finds that there are no chances to hope that the industrial recession in Russia this year will less than 19% and inflation less than 25%. The RIU-O is waiting for further worsening of the situation in the country both economic, social and political. The RIU-O thinks that the main reason why the crisis is felt badly in Russia than in many other parts of the world is because of the wrong politics of liberal governments of the last 20 years. Russia became too dependent on export of gas and oil, corruption achieved impermissible degree. Each year total value of bribes given in the country is equal to the federal budget. The government of Mr Putin spent more than 200 billion US$ (142 billion €, 125 billion £), but the national economy decreased from August 2008 at approx. 30%. It shows full inability of the current Russian government to find solutions to the problems which are the result of their politics and situation in the world.
The RIU-O thinks that it is necessary to restore the system of government which will be the independent center of power in the state from oligarchy and burocracy and is not guilty in the current situation of the Russian State. Such power is monarchical power. The RIU-O thinks that it is time to remind about monarchical alternative persistently and insistently. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna proclaimed that she is ready to take the power if the people asks. Grand Duke Georgiy Mikhaylovich proclaimed that the monarchy can be the power to help Russia to take out of the crisis of the state, society and economy. The RIU-O is and will be the true supporter of the Russian Imperial House in its political activity.
The RIU-O also proposes the reforms of municipalities to give them more political and financial power, reform of the Army and education to stop the decomposition of the Russian state and the Russian society.
In economics the RIU-O proposes to return to the system of the gold standard to provide independence of the Russian financial system from the American Federal Reserve and the World Bank. The RIU-O proposes wide tax reform to defend interests of entrepreuners instead of financial speculators. The RIU-O proposes to abrogate profit tax and VAT and to introduce common revenue tax. The RIU-O proposes not to finance banks but to finance infrastructure projects, to build roads, airports, buildings.
The RIU-O thinks that such program can be realised by the national government when it takes power.
If you have any questions regarding the RIU-O program, please, ask!

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