четверг, 24 декабря 2009 г.

Events of December 2009

In December 2009 a Head of the Russian Imperial House Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna visited Istanbul (Turkey) from 10 to 15 December. The visit was official. Grand Duchess met with representatives of the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Ottoman Imperial House. Under the aegis of the Grand Duchess a charitable ball was organised in Istanbul. The money collected at the ball will be spent for education of poor children from families of Turks and Russians. Also Grand Duchess opened the Russian Cultural Centre in Istanbul.

On 23 December Grand Duchess celebrated Her Birthday, She was 56 years old. Russian monarchists collected for prayers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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Could you possibly tell me if the Dynastic Oath taken by Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna (Romanov) in 1969 was administered by Archbishop Nikon (Rklitsky, +1976) of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia?