понедельник, 13 июля 2009 г.

A memorial plate to Grand Duchess Elizabeth

In Ekaterinburg will be placed a memorial plate on the house in which in 1918 princess Elizabeth Romanov stayed. According to the press-service of the New-Tikhvin monastery, the tablet will appear on the house № 19 on the Lenin Street - a building of bodies of FSB and the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs where in 1918 were Atamanov rooms. Here during the short stay in Ekaterinburg, before departure to Alapaevsk, lived princes of Imperial blood - Igor Konstantinovich, Konstantin Konstantinovich, John Konstantinovich, and also Prince Vladimir. A board made under sketches of sisters of the New-Tikhvin monastery, will establish on July, 13th. On action will be present archbishop of Ekaterinburg Vikentii, mayor of Ekaterinburg Arcady Chernetsky and representatives of FSB and the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on Ekaterinburg region.
"This event is significant for several reasons. Owing to it many people learn that in Ekaterinburg there were persons of Imperial blood before their sending to Alapaevsk, and it is probable, will want to get acquainted with details of tragic events of those days. Secondly, owing to installation of a memorial plate in city there will be one more historical place. And for orthodox installation of this board is significant also because they will have one more place where they can pay tribute to martyr Elizabeth", - tell in the eparchial commission on sacred canonization.

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