понедельник, 13 июля 2009 г.

To return as a historical institution

Romanov's Imperial House is ready to return to Russia on a constant basis, but terms of this returning are not certain yet.
"The Imperial House wishes to return to Russia, and we trust that it will occur, as in many civilised countries. But it is necessary, that they have returned not as private persons, and the historical institution has returned, it is necessary, that the state has defined the attitude to the Imperial House", - director of office of the Head of the Russian Imperial House Alexander Zakatov has told on 26 June at press conference at central office of "Interfax".
As he said, work in this direction is conducted, but to name even provisional terms of possible returning while it is impossible. "Returning of the Imperial House home at all does not mean restoration of a monarchy, and members of the house could realise cultural, charitable programs", - has emphasized A.Zakatov.
Concerning probable returning of the Imperial House to Russia, A.Zakatov also has specified necessity of final end of rehabilitation of members of the Family of Romanovs and those who has been closely connected with it.

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