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Monarchical conference in Nizhniy Novgorod

A view on Volga from a tower of the middle-ages castle in Nizhniy Novgorod

On 27 June 2009 in Nizhniy Novgorod, the third city in the European part of Russia, the Russian Imperial Union-Order and a party “Great Russia” organised a conference “The Crisis and Prospects of Development”. The conference was held in the best hotel of the city “Aleksandrovsky Garden”.

Sergey Pykhtin makes a report. The symbols of "Great Russia" (a jumpping tiger) and the RIU-O (an eagle with a sword) at the screen)

A new book of a leader of “Great Russia” Andrey Savelev, secretary of “Great Russia” Sergey Pykhtin and economist Igor Kalyadin “National Manifesto” was presented to the people who came to the conference. Sergey Pykhtin told participants of the conference about short theses of the book. The main idea of the book is that all history of human civilisation is connected to the confrontation of the nations and folks which desire freedom and oligarchy and bureaucracy which try to get the results of another’s labour.
An ideologist of the Russian Imperial Union-Order Anton Liubich made a report dedicated to use of fiat money in favour of oligarchy and to the gold standard as a step to defend interests of industry and common people from vicious pretensions of financial oligarchy.
A vice-chairman of Prikamie Department of the RIU-O Victor Yerastov made a report dedicated to the problems of house-building in Russia and necessity to develop down-towns instead of megalopolises to keep national culture and identity.
Some local businessmen narrated about problems of business in Nizhniy Novgorod region.
An officer of the Chancellery of the Commander of the RIU-O Sergey Skorobogatov told the participants of the conference about spiritual basis of the crisis.
A member of the RIU-O from Moscow Georgiy Pavlenko in his report spoke about demographic problems of the Russian and all white civilisation and the connection of these problems with “sex revolution” of 1960-s.
In the final report Andrey Savelev called to the third way of the national development, alternative to socialistic and liberal. Russian nationalists, monarchists have their own philosophic, economic platform, theoretical knowledge and practical experience to realise their program in life.
Each participant of the conference get in present a copy of “National Manifesto” and the anti-crisis program of the RIU-O “Package of steps to overcome the crisis: from chaos to monarchy.” Now “National Manifesto” is translated into English.
Chancellery of the Commander of the RIU-O

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