понедельник, 12 января 2009 г.

Gas conflict between Russia and the Ukraine

A conflict regarding export of Russian gas through the Ukraine to Europe is top-news this week. Politicians from Moscow and Kiev try to find guilty and to prove that another state is guilty. Journalists in the popular magazins seriously discuss reasons and consequences of the crisis, governments of the Balkan states count damages. Only lawyers win as usually.
But everything about what I have written above is only a wrapper, a clownery. There is only one real reason of the conflict. Both in the Russian Federation and in the Ukraine the supreme power is occupied by corrupt clans of tycoons. The main source of their profits these rich years was sale of oil and iron. Nowadays prices on oil and iron decrease very much and tycoons feel shortage of money. So they seek to compel European countries to agree to buy Russian gas paying higher price than it is reasonable in conditions of perfect market. We are witnesses of redivision of corrupt profits of criminal powerful clans of the highest administrative tycoons of Russia and the Ukraine. This duly adapted performance has got no roots in economic situation, in legal sphere and has got no relation to state interests or to interests of peoples of Russia and the Ukraine.

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