пятница, 16 января 2009 г.

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So, the social protest involves new and new countries every day. More than 7 thousand people gathered to a rally in Vilnius, a capital of Lithuania, also a former part of Russia. The crowd tried to seize a building of the parliament, but the police defended the symbol of discredited authority. The president of Lithuania said, the people shall try to find how to talk with the government. He forgot that the people are not his slaves. He is a servant of the people. The prime-minister said he would not like to answer the people's questions. The speaker of the parliament had a dinner in a luxurious restaurant in a company of a prime-minister of Norway. He also had no time to speak with the people.

Rally in Lithuania

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I'm from Germany and would be glad to get in contact with english speaking monarchists from Russia.

Please leave a comment under


if you care.

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Sehr geehrter Haiduk! Habe ich Ihnen geantworten, aber ich sehe nicht meinen Antwort im Ihrer Blog... Ich werde sehr froh mit glücklische Zusammenarbeit für die monarchistische Idee in Russland und Deutschland sein! Sprehe ich gern Deutsch, und mögen Sie mir Deutsch schreiben.