суббота, 31 января 2009 г.

H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria came to Moscow

Today H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria of Russia came to Moscow. The main reason of the Highest Visit is a participation in enthronisation of a new Holy Patriarch to be held tomorrow in the cathedral in honour of Christ the Saviour.
Grand Duchess visited today a celebration of the 50th anniversary of a prominent leader of a Russian Patriotic Movement LL.D. Sergey Baburin, who is a chancellor of the Russian State University of Trade and Commerce, a unique university in modern Russia, which is under the Highest Patronage. H.I.H. laid on Mr Baburin the Order of Saint Nicholas of the 2nd degree.

H.I.H. Grand Duchess Maria and Mr Baburin
H.I.H. was attended by the representatives of the Russian Imperial Union-Order and other monarchical organisations.

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radical royalist комментирует...

I don't understand, why she still does not live in Russia permanently. She should use her Spanish house as a kind of holiday home and return to Russia, even and especially if politicians try to prevent her from coming back.

A Legista комментирует...

It is a very difficult question. It is a big desire of H.I.H. to return from exile to Russia. Nevertheless it is impossible while the modern Russian Government officially doesn't recognise the status of the Dinasty as a historical institution. The Dinasty shall come back only as the Dinasty, not "common citizens Romanoffs".

radical royalist комментирует...

In the magazine "Majesty" 9/2008 I read: "The other reason behind the Kremlin's intransigence (presumed, but never mentioned) is their discomfort with the idea of the Romanovs returning to live in Russia. This could create an alternative centre of Authority in a country, where monarchist sentiment is quite strong among the clergy and flock of the Orthodox Church, as well as in more general swathes of public opinion."

I cannot think of any republican of any orientation to hesitate returning to the home country just because the government don't like it.

That's the fault of Monarchs: They hesitate. King Constantine II of the Hellenes should have jumped into a plane in 1973 and flyed back to Athens after the colonels' regime was toppled. Instead he waited for Konstantinos Karamanlis' invitation - which never came. King Mihai of Romania was brave: He boarded a plane and went back to Romania as soon as the situation allowed it. The new regime kept him in the airport and did not allow him into the country. But at least, he tried it.
I consider him the bravest of all Monarchs who were forced into the non-ruling status.

A Legista комментирует...

It is better to be an independent political person for Russia being in Spain than to become a puppet in Putin's theater.