вторник, 13 января 2009 г.

The Old New Year

Unordinary holiday is celebrated today in Russia. It is possible to translate its name into English as the Old New Year or the Former New Year. The tradition of this celebration was born in 1919 exactly 90 years ago. In February 1918 Communists decided to change the calendar in Russia. Since X century Julius Caesar's calendar was used in our country. This calendar was elaborated in I century BC by the order of Julius Caesar and was traditionally implemented by the Christian Church. In XVI century the Catholic Church began to use its own calendar named in honour of Pope Grigorius XIII. The diffirence between them was 10 days. Now the difference is 14 days.
The Russian Orthodox Church still uses the old calendar for worship purposes. The Russian State uses it before the state power was occupied by the communists.
Each year on the 14th day of January Russians congratulate each other a happy New Year continuing the tradition to celebrate this holiday following the customs taken from the Czars' time.
Happy Russian New Year!

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