воскресенье, 11 января 2009 г.

New Year

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, dear friends!
I haven't written this blog too much time, because I was very busy at my work. What interesting was happen since my last post?
This blog is dedicated not to me, but to Russia and Russian monarchical movement, that is why I am going to tell you about the most interesting news corresponding this topic.
The Head of the Russian Imperial House Great Duchess Maria of Russia gave interview to one of the most popular Russian newspapers The Rossiyskiye Vesti (The Russian Herald), you may read it in English.
The oldest and the biggest Russian monarchists organisation, the Russian Imperial Union-Order (RIU-O) organised a conference in Saint Petersburg (Russia) dedicated to the world economical crisis, you may read more information in English here.
A main partner of the RIU-O, Movement For Faith and Fatherland celebrated its 10th Anniversary.
On the 5 December 2008 Russian Patriarch Alexy II, the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church, died.
A new member was appointed to the Supreme Council of the RIU-O, the highest administrative authority of the organisation.
Her Imperial Highess Great Duchess Maria of Russia celebrated Her 55th Birthday. You may read information in English and look photos in the Russian Version.

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radical royalist комментирует...

Good luck with this blog. We certainly need more information of Monarchists, Monarchist activities and Monarchist organisations in Russia.

A Legista комментирует...

You are welcome to ask questions. I'll be glad to help you!