среда, 26 августа 2009 г.

National Manifesto. The Nations and Oligarchy. Intervention of the Evil

The World War has not come to end with guns silenced. It has just retreated into the shadow, obscured by peace-loving oratory and compassionate intentions. The aggressor has changed his strategy, replacing physical extermination of nations and states by annihilation the soul of the people, mental power of politicians, brains of thinkers, faith, fidelity, love and honor, everything that frames the human dignity and unites individuals into nations. By killing the national spirit, the aggressor strives to bring history to a standstill, to contain it after he has managed to vanquish and enslave the most freedom-loving and creative populaces. The aggressor’s name is the global oligarchy, in essence, the global evil.
In the quiet studies far away from the fronts of both the worldwide and cold wars that dominated the 20th century, covered up by the propaganda exchanges of seemingly conflicting formations aimed to distract the nations from genuine problems, a new conspiracy was brought into being for the global financial and political oligarchy and its backers in the prevailing interest groups of leading world powers to ensure their supremacy by suppressing the nations and destroying the states’ sovereignty.
The new world war is being waged against the nations’ freedom in order to consolidate, safeguard and strengthen the dominance of the oligarchy. This is a war in which hordes of deceitful penny-a-liners and cynical demagogues turn to most sophisticated, treacherous and mean tricks under the banners and slogans of universal values, commonsense and love to freedom. After these virtual armies have finally exhausted their arsenals, they are replaced with financial and commercial agents tasked to wipe out the economic potential of the victimized countries. Whenever appropriate, occupational forces also become handy to apply a blood-dripping sword for reinforcing limitless justice in some area of the globe, never stopping to intimidate by a full-scale use of cast led.
It is not the values or logic or freedom that the newfangled saviors bring to the nations. Ostensibly liberated form from medievalism, totalitarianism or backwardness by way of humanitarian interventions, during the past several decades these nations have received exploitation, poverty, lost independence, enslavement and occupation. For short-term or local action, hot wars are also still in practice to shore up humanitarian operations. But then, there are nonstop and all-out information wars to shape collective consciousness, ideology and way of life.

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