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National Manifesto. The Nations and Oligarchy. Methods of Enslavement

The main enemies of the world of the global oligarchy are peoples and nations with their religious and cultural uniqueness and national interests. Oligarchs prefer to deal with disconnected individuals not capable for self-organization and, moreover, for resistance to their enslavers. Hence, the oligarchy hates any manifestation of national originality, ideals or interests. This is to explain their drive to encourage any kind of migration in order to dilute settled indigenous nations, which have created their own states and governments, with migrants of a different culture, demanding tolerance from the natives. Meanwhile, tolerance means rejection of one’s own national identity and absorption of a certain universal morality acceptable for the oligarchs. But what kind of morality may belong to those immoral in principle?
The oligarchs’ enemy number one is the state preserving its national identity and political independence, defending its sovereignty and economic independence. While the enslaved countries build aggressive coalitions and unleash wars against sovereign states, the subservient media delivers campaigning and propaganda to substantiate and justify the raging injustice.
The Renaissance promised a free world to everybody but only the few obtained freedom. Election systems have turned into a tool of the bureaucrats that offer to choose between bad and appalling candidates. This is their version of freedom.
The same happens in the economy. Laws have been created to enslave nations via suppression of their economic and political advancement. Developed by international organizations, the global rules of trade are suppressing national business. Preferences are given to corporations that dilute the national nature of property and national borders. Movement of cheap labor has brought about depression of national industries, undermined the moral basics of entrepreneurship and the employer-employee relationship, and destroyed the labor ethics.
Unsophisticated and unproductive, the slave labor is combined with monopoly to use up-to-date equipment that leaves scientists, engineers and craftsmen out of the production process. Entire industries are slain in favor of screwdriver manufacturing. The oligarchic transnational corporations abuse the artificial intellectual property rights to appropriate all technical achievements and prohibit their use, thus impeding progress.
With such arrangement of economy, politics inevitably becomes a farce. In order to convince the nations that the governments defend national interests, the oligarchy incessantly initiates patriotic public campaigns and launches local wars with premeditated outcomes, excusing their actions by patriotic rhetoric and demands for freedom and justice for all. At that, legitimacy is given to puppet regimes, always obedient to the golden calf sect and interests of the oligarchs that steal the riches created by the sweat and blood of the enslaved nations.
The nations are kept in humility by means of an ancient hoax, i.e. satisfaction of the masses’ lowest demands. Bread and circuses is a time-proven formula. Gladiators have given way to sports and gala performances in stadiums and on TV screens. A man with a full belly thinks no one is hungry, in belief that hard times may never come. And the hungry one, receiving his helping of bread, is ready to forget that this is a sop to buy his right for disposal of the riches belonging to the current and future generations, and to deprive the nation of the minimal chance for dignified existence. Corruption of the nation by material lures brings about cultural and economic degradation, demographic catastrophe and lost state.

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