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National Manifesto. The Nations and Oligarchy. The Cult of the Oligarchy

Since time immemorial the golden calf has been generating lures to enslave people. And the 20th century, having destroyed the traditions and moral norms in the fire of wars and revolutions, has changed the sectarian worship of the calf into an openly practiced religion. Nations and states are convinced that affluence is affordable through management of money flows. Those unwilling to worship cash are now depicted as savages or diehards.
Development of communications has given the newfangled priests incalculable opportunities to propagate their faith. And the mass media has turned into their chief weapon. Freedom of speech has sunk in the torrents of praise to the golden calf and in damnation, mockery and lies for those reluctant to surrender. Freedom of speech has developed into the freedom to serve the rulers who pay back in cash and signs of respect. Casting aside sentimentality and decency, bureaucrats and the free press establish new standards of human behavior required for building the oligarchic capital. Money is becoming the sole criterion for success and dignity.
Oligarchs have invariably leaned on leftist, either socialist or liberal, ideas to tempt people by the theoretical opportunity to equally share the national wealth and meanwhile appropriate its incompatibly greater portion in various private quests. In both cases the lure is in less work and more consumption. As a result, the nation is producing less, with the lion’s share of consumption going to the oligarchic clans. In the meantime, the propaganda machine is turning citizens into serfs unable to manage their destiny. And all those defending national interests and trying to safeguard and build up the nation are accused of preposterous and repulsive ploys like extermination of humans or unleashing wars for the whole mankind to perish. The crook yells “Stop thief!” to distract attention from his own doings.
Controlled by plutocrats, governments of free powers and their executive committees, the mass media is consistently and permanently discrediting and defaming priests and philosophers, academics and writers, politicians and public figures, essayists and military leaders, doctrines and parties – in fact all those who overtly defend the nation’s honor and dignity and everything that holds up national self-consciousness. Any means are good to do the trick – silencing, intimidation, partial or complete exclusion from public life, concoction of absurd charges, putting insurmountable barriers for access to the press, TV or radio.
Bureaucrats, plutocrats and oligarchs find it practical to support and promote only those public figures that serve their interests and bamboozle people by hopelessly outdated and empty political slogans, ideas, concepts and dogmas. Nations are served by freshly packed political theories of the 19th century, ultimately disconnected from the reality and aimed just to mislead the audience.

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