среда, 12 августа 2009 г.

Press-conference in Saint Petersburg

On 12 August 2009 in Saint Petersburg a press-conference of Director of H.I.H. Chancellery Sir Alexander Zakatov and the RIU-O was held.
During the press-conference Sir Zakatov confirmed that the Russian Imperial House and personally its Head Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna supports the idea to restore monarchy in Russia and finds that the restoration will make state authority in Russia more effective. Nevertheless the Russian Imperial House will agree for restoration only if the restoration is supported by the people. Today there is no chances to restore the monarchy, but we should wait for relevant time and to keep true monarchical ideals during this time.
Also it was proclaimed that the Russian Imperial House thinks that it will be useful if the republican government recognises the official status of the Russian Imperial House. It is necessary not for restitution of the property (the House doesn't wish it), but to make cultural, patriotic and charitable work of the Dynasty more successfull and effective.

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MadMonarchist комментирует...

I do hope all goes well and the Romanovs are restored to their rightful place one way or another. However, from a personal standpoint, I would not consider the battle truly won until we see the total restoration of the autocracy.

A Legista комментирует...

I agree

Anazarov комментирует...

I cannot believe this organization exists. Tsar Nicholas II was perhaps the worst leader in Russian history and the political order he stood for is corrupt and evil. While the other european nation were developing politically and socially, Russia, the land with the most land and resources was kept in poverty by its backwards Tsar. After being the first European nation to lose a war to a noneuropean nation in centuries in 1905, Tsar Nicholas also opened fire on civilian petitioners holding icons asking for reforms. The man was out of his mind and he often ignored suggestions from his own ministers because he though that since he was god's messenger he could never be wrong. His bizarre, ultra conservative policies caused the revolution and if that inbred imbecile had a gram of common sense my country would be a developed western european style nation. Maybe it would even be the leader of Europe. I hope this organization stops existing as soon as possible and that NO ONE takes it seriously.