четверг, 27 августа 2009 г.

National Manifesto. The Nations and Oligarchy. The Reign of Bureaucracy

The bureaucracy is seizing political power, eradicating the historical traditions of civil servants who believed in the primacy of the national and state interests. Switching over from production to money lending and speculation, the top corporations turn into plutocrats who misappropriate almost the entire surplus product generated by the entrepreneurs and hired workers. By enslaving the nation, the bureaucrats and plutocrats compel the people to life without development, lasting monopoly and absurd laws. They create oligarchy, the rule of the few that crowns the pyramid of the new slave-owning system. Using all kinds of coercion, the oligarchy unites with the small number of liberal intellectuals to make nations recognize their supremacy and to succumb to globalism, their new ideology.
Neither monarchy nor republican form of government could resist the rebirth of the public service and rebuff the attack of this latter-day caste on the key government mechanisms. In essence a politically organized society, the state cannot do without government. Within a natural system, the self-governing structures of the society remain independent and self-sufficient and do not meddle in the affairs of the supreme state institutions. But with the governing class weakening, the bureaucracy rushes to fill the gap, whereas the self-governing institutions decline and evaporate.
It so happened that the nations, produced by civil solidarity, self-government and daily plebiscite, were first thrown into the grinder of the world wars, and then, after the elite had been exterminated and the faithful sons of the nations slaughtered in combat, the bureaucracy seized power and opened the way to formation of the global oligarchy. The 21st century has demonstrated that nations can be enslaved both under liberal and socialist slogans. Differences between regimes smoothened and the global oligarchy became a reality.
If a government official uses his powers for personal enrichment, ignoring the nation’s ideals and interests, if the bureaucracy becomes a corporation with in-house ethics and solidarity different from nation-wide standards, all forms of government boil down to the bureaucratic rule. Affected by the virus of corruption and treason, the bureaucrats strive to monopolize the power and evade the responsibility to the nation, popular representation, national elite and the sovereign. In the 21st century the most cynical bureaucrats monopolized management of the state assets and converted them into their own property.
The two world wars and the cold war, which lasted over 50 years, engaged every state of the planet and brought the process to the logical outcome – the formation of the global oligarchy. While the nations were exterminating each other in large and small wars, the bureaucracy was working in a clandestine mode. During the cold war the emasculated nations were made to exist in permanent emergency. The bureaucracy used the situation to grow in number and minimize the role of popular representation. The nation fell into full dependence from administrators. Quite the contrary, credit institutions gained unthinkable independence, took priority over producers and turned from servicing into dominating institutions. While the bureaucrats were bridling the nations, the priests of the golden calf built a global financial system that paralleled the creation of the current global oligarchy.
After disintegration of the socialist system, communist bureaucrats who embezzled the national wealth of former socialist countries strengthened the globalists’ camp. Actually, the world oligarchy is set to recruit traitors with any kind of ideology. The collaborators were betraying the national interests and created open economies, easily pilfered by the globalists, just to join the global oligarchs’ club. The more zealous was their breach with the nation, the faster was the rapprochement with the global oligarchy.
Liberation of big business from national control, merger of bureaucrats and moneylenders, and creation of an incredible propaganda machine, which has engulfed the mankind in the complexes and fantasies of liberal scholars, has brought about the most potent and cruel force – the alliance of globalists who believe that establishment of their primacy means putting history to a halt and institutionalizing the current order till end of days.

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