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The National Manifesto

On 24 May 2009 in Moscow Dr. Andrei Savelev, Sergey Pykhtin and Igor Kalyadin presented their new book the National Manifesto. The book was written in Russian and told about new view at public history. The authors asked the public to pay attention that all nations all over the world have common interests and common desires and common enemies who stand at their way to happiness and prevent to achieve natural national goals. These enemies are oligarchy and burecraucy.
The publishers prepared translation of the book into English, and we have perfect ability to present the translation to you. The book is quite big that is why we shall publish it chapter by chapter.

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I will be working on a translation of National Manifesto into german language. I use "Nationales Manifest" as blog tag:

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Oh, that's great! May I ask to give me your e-mail address, and I shall send you the essay in whole in English? I think, it will be much easier for you.

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Yes, please send me the whole essay.

Actually you got my e-mail address already. Guess who I am ;)

The first three chapters are already done:


here and there I'm uncertain about adequate wording, but at large the english translation is fairly practical.

Btw. did you know Karl Marx was satanist? No joke! Here you find two satanist poems of the young Marx:


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Some of Marx satanist poems in english: