среда, 2 сентября 2009 г.

National Manifesto. The Nations and Oligarchy. Illusions and Surrogates

The circle of those who have access to immense resources – in fact everything created or discovered by the mankind on the Earth – has closed. Capitals are augmented by lending and speculation in goods and resources. This circle run has consolidated the global oligarchs that either themselves or via their agents in seemingly democratic countries move alongside with their capitals, converting power into money and buying power.
Fake democratic procedures are imposed on nations, whereas behind the curtains of the political stage, actually a road show, there mushrooms the oligarchic rule that entirely ignores the nation’s opinion. The illusions of the free market and democracy are meant to institute legal forms for plundering national property and enslaving the producers, who are forced to transmit the entire surplus product to lenders, middlemen and speculators. The oligarchs see the economy’s real sector as something foreign they have to put up with for some time. But on any occasion pinpointed laws are enacted to deprive the modern serfs of everything they have managed to accumulate or earn.
While hating the victim, the robber would publicly shed affectionate tears to enlighten the public around TVs, ready for regular brainwashing and unable to distinguish the truth form lies, on how hard he tries for the common good. Availability of production capacity, national independence and sovereignty turn to be of less value than promotional surrogates – affluence of goods in shops, an illusion of democratic policy by the ruling party, material signs of growing individual well-being… All these exist in the leading countries and may tumble down at once, as it already happened in the history of the world, so that the pillion drivers could curse their enemies and restart their game.

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