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National Manifesto in English

Dear friends! Your are welcome to get full text of the National Manifesto FREE using the following link.

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I just came along the austrian Friedrich August von Hayek (1899-1992). He was a prophet of neo-liberalism who influenced the early Federal Republic of Germany.

In his book "The road to serfdom" (1944) he argues that Nationalsocialsm was a "further development of Socialism". The same argument he holds for other varieties of Fascism.

Bottomline is that Republic of Weimar in Germany died from a struggle beween two kinds of Socialisms: KPD (communists) and NSDAP (faschism).

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I fully agree with these statements of von Hayek as well as with several others. I am a supporter of Austrian economics school. Please, look through the book of Hans-Hermann Hoppe, he was a student of von Hayek.