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National Manifesto. On History of Political Teachings and Economic Practices. The Confluence of the Opposites

Mutation of the liberal thought in the 20th century has resulted in rapprochement between liberalism and socialism and adoption of some of its ideas. Liberal socialism, whose embryo emerged before World War II, went into full blossom by late 20th century and absorbed both concepts. Having lost its pathetic defense of individual freedom, liberalism took a socialist tint to stake on numerous social programs. Socialism became the paramount principle of freedom, in fact, liberalism in action tasked to emancipate proletariat and supply a kind of averaged freedom to the majority. By acknowledging the importance of certain socialist principles, liberalism has become even more sophisticated in its lies about the essence of society and individual. After the collapse of the socialist system, liberalism inherited from the defeated enemy not only material resources but also ideology, which it has adapted to the needs of the global oligarchy. Democratic fictions have been enriched by the fictions about social equality and social partnership. The institutes of democratic and liberal socialism are on the payroll of the oligarchs who choose to control all ideas and social trends, buying leaders, ideologues and thinkers to castrate the public thought in its every manifestation.
Differing in declared aims and values, liberalism and socialism unite in the drive to demolish states and nations, to bring them into a single society with universal values common to everyone. To this end, they have to negate national and civilizational dissimilarities rating them vestiges of the past. And any kind of human versatility is described as a harmful factor subject to elimination. The two seemingly conflicting ideologies have a common basis, i.e. antagonism to the religious and philosophical ideology that reflects national consciousness.
Just like socialism, liberalism cripples the human mind. Whereas socialism creates an individual whose integrity is fully dependent on the collective and the political dogma, liberalism sees the ideal in an individual with split consciousness, a multicultural individual lacking permanent links with any human community. Liberalism and socialism disconnect a person from family, nation and morality. For a liberal, family is something temporary, nation is something you can easily give up, and morality is a chimera. In the socialist version, family is of minor importance, nation is a transient notion, and morality is nonexistent beyond the party dogma.
Just like socialism, liberalism is devious. Universal values only make another propaganda scam. Freedom for all turns out to be freedom for a limited circle of subjects who have monopolized the right to move around their capital. The oligarchs need globalization to make sure that their proven model becomes universal and spreads over the world. The oligarchic capital must never face resistance to its atrocious plans. Hence, any state defending its interests and trying to practice independent policies shall be declared a foe, an Evil Empire or a terrorists’ accomplice. Oligarchy is hostile to everything related to free existence of nations, i.e. everything that retains a traditional way of life, allegiance to the historical path and unyielding moral imperatives.

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Here is a report about a conference on international currency system:


Unfortunately I lack understanding on the overall topic, yet the report appears to highlight some relevant issues.

E.g. it mentions the "Triffin-Dilemma" that fits fairly well into the explanation on world currency in the manifest.


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Unfortunatelly, these people don't fully understand the causes of the crisis. That is why they propose emotions instead of the medcines which can really help the economic system. Please, try to read in Russian, I hope I shall translate it into English soon: