среда, 2 сентября 2009 г.

National Manifesto. The Nations and Oligarchy. The Alternative

Events of the 20th century have pushed the mankind to give up the illusions, which had been enchanting it during the past three hundred years. Enlightenment, capitalism, socialism, liberalism and other phantoms have scattered into ashes. The period is over, having raised problems of a different time for the human communities. There are irreconcilable differences between oligarchs and bureaucrats, on the one side, with their greed, self-interest and vanity, the drive to global dominance, and peoples and nations with their objects of worship, commandments, legacies and vital interests, on the other. This is a world-wide conflict in which nations face an all-out information war unleashed by the oligarchy under the banner of globalism. The only way out for the nations is to fight back.
Some nations are on the way to realize the malignancy of the current system and try to step aside from the oligarchic globalism. They develop a real economy for the population to advance material and spiritual culture and to convey it to the future generations. In other nations only minor groups of businessmen and intellectuals have seen the light, pondering over the causes of enormous hurdles rising to block organization of the simplest economic institutions. These are just the sprouts of the new, the harbingers of a massive liberation process. A test of strength is underway, as well as a search for a basis in political and religious concepts and for novel managerial decisions. It is becoming more and more obvious that banknotes become harder and sometimes impossible to convert into functional products. It is only paper or electronic records! If someone has learned to manipulate them to his advantage, it does not mean that this process, containing nothing but speculation, would last forever. Sooner or later a new economic and social model, alternative to the oligarchic pattern, will be successfully presented to the mankind and demonstrate its vitality. Then it will be taken up by the nations that retain the will for freedom and sovereignty.
In the beginning struggle, where the strategic heights are human consciousness, feelings and moods, it is the national ideology that will make the most effective and crushing weapon. It should emancipate the nations – their labor and capital, honor and dignity, creativity and spirit.
This Manifesto is aimed to equip national patriots with understanding of the present and with the tools to defeat the oligarchy.

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