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National Manifesto. On History of Political Teachings and Economic Practices. The History of Societies is the History of Struggle

After the national forces had been forced out of politics, time came for the Iron Law of Oligarchy formulated by Robert Michels in early 20th century. Any type of social organization – a party or industrial corporation or public organization – irrespective of its initial democracy or autocracy level, will inevitably degenerate into the power of the few, i.e. oligarchy. And the balance of productive forces and industrial relations has nothing to do with the problem. The only force opposing the oligarchy is the Nation with all of its historical traditions – the faith of the ancestors, historical experience, government and public self-expression skills. Discarding nations in favor of various international federations – industrial and political – the industrial capital was predictably falling into submission. Only the Nation and the Tradition are able to return the leadership to entrepreneurs, make the economy’s real sector the guarantor of speedy economic development and prosperity of the peoples.
Long past are the days when the service class replaced the meek aristocracy in administration and became the support base of the ruling dynasties. Grasping the lower government levels, service class representatives of various social origins evolved from the state support base into a parasitical group steadily separating their interests from those of the nation and the state, and social layers from each other. In absence of a mechanism for the elite change, the same Iron Law of Oligarchy worked. Aristocracy degenerated into stagnant regimes headed by the oligarchy, which countered any kind of progress.
Time is also gone for government officials to serve the interests of the capital, posing as executive committees protecting the economic interests of the bourgeoisie. The merger of the political power, speculators and moneylenders, who have built their international structures, made the formation of global oligarchy unavoidable. The officialdom transformed into local bureaucracies and joined the oligarchs’ service. The industrial capital lost its leadership, after which began deindustrialization of national economies in leading countries, and decomposition of national sovereignties. Bureaucracy gave rise to monopoly that is killing business and industrial development. As a result, the nation is getting enslaved by moribund government officials, moneylenders and speculators. And then the question of the nation’s survival comes to the agenda – either nation or oligarchy.
The entire history of mankind or History of Societies is by no means the history of the class struggle but the history of the struggle between nations and populaces, on the one hand, and oligarchy with its subservient bureaucracy, on the other. On one side, we see the drive to spiritual advancement, sovereign culture and civilization, and on the other – profiteering at any cost. Mammoth-size governments rise to defend the interests of moneylenders who wander all over the world in search of new territories to enslave and rob their populaces. International bureaucracy serves the freedom of global speculation, slaughtering world economies for profits the oligarchy would obtain via cheap labor emerging in the third world countries.

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