понедельник, 28 сентября 2009 г.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="452" caption="Castle of Hohenzollern"]Castle of Hohenzollern[/caption] At the foot of the ancestral seat of the dynasty of kings and emperors of the Hohenzollern the German Monarchist Society (DMG) will organize already the second time it's scientific monarchy forum (www.monarchieforum.org). The focal point here will be the "Christian Conservatism during the Empire". New registrations from inland and abroad arrive on a daily basis. The Symposium will be at the weekend of 23rd to 25th of October. The following lectures are on the agenda: According to the main topic Lord Henning von Normann, speaker of the DMG, will start with considerations on "conservatism". Mr. Professor Dr. Julius H. Schoeps (University of Potsdam) will focus on "prussian virtues", Mr. Günther Marklein (Chair of the Bismarckbund) asks the question, "What History can tell us" and Mr. Andreas Haas (Kaisertreue Jugend) will talk about "Perceptions on conservatism from the Russia of today". A visitation of the Castle of Hohenzollern is planned just as a church service and sufficient time for an exchange of ideas between young and old, between scientists of different faculties and monarchists from various countries. Forhand this symposium will not be about reintroduction of Monarchy, but to reconsider the advantages or disadvantages of the monarchist idea through lectures and arguments on a scientific standard. Sure enough the intend of the German Monarchist Society, which is compounded with "Union of upright Monarchists" (BaM) and Emperorloyal Youth (KJ), is to find means to reintroduce a parliamentary monarchy. Amongst them are such symposias, where friends of the monarchist idea from inland and abroad can foster contacts. The numberous registrations particularly of young people to this event comments Henning von Normann, speaker of the DMG, as follows: "I can't share the impression, that we can't build on our youth for the future. The youth knows very well to differentiate between good and evul. One can trust the youth as they know how to deal with history and our responsibility for history very well. In particular they understand to deal with important and indispensable values carefully and in a thoughtful manner. It makes me pround and happy to work - particularly in the view of the 3rd Monarchy Forum in 2010 in Berlin - with the youth, since I know that our future lays in the hands of those, whose work is guided by reason and heart."

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